Stuffed Animals are Stuff (to me)

If my house is an expression of who I am, hmm…  There are a few things that really miss the mark or at the very least are sadly outdated. Am I the only one who ends up with shrines to something that is long-gone  if it was ever important at all? I have a basket […]

Stuff and Memories

My friend says she is afraid to get rid of her memory box because she may never remember these things again. I get it. How many times have I come across an old photo that reminds me of a forgotten moment? Who I am is a conglomeration of these memories. The moment in time has […]

Family Tradition

I’m upholding the family tradition.  I’m saving three lids…in case. I promise that I have made great strides in my quest to de-clutter my life.   I have been taking a tougher stance as I examine the things in my cupboards. Recently I had a major setback in the streamlining of my life when my […]

Here come da stuff…

Yikes. Haven’t you heard me go on and on about stuff?  Haven’t I cleared my house? my life? (some of) our garage? (once in awhile) my desk?  I may have more posts about “stuff” than any other subject. Now I have another full household of it to clutch to my breast  and defend as I […]

The Stuff of Freedom

What would happen if I didn’t go through that stack? I’m not talking about the mail on the counter or my clothes on the chair. I am still perseverating about that stack in the garage and the shelves in my old office. Do I need to look inside the boxes marked “household décor” when I […]

The Perceived Value of Stuff

Where does it come from, this value that we place on stuff? We have a junk drawer.  This is an improvement because at our last house there were two of them.  It’s good to have a convenience center that has scissors, a magnifying glass, a small plastic partitioned box holding screws, nails, tacks rubber bands, […]

Stuff and Memories

Okay, this was my day: I planned to finish some writing I started early this morning. I was committed to sorting, shredding and shedding in my office. My next commitment was to clear all stuff from surfaces in the kitchen. My fun job was to work in the yard, making the patio a lovely place […]

Stuff as a Way of Life

Dear Children: Here is another chapter in the saga of stuff gone wrong. Maybe I can paint a picture of our life as newlyweds.  Broad brush: young; husband in hiatus from college seeking work; wife in college on scholarship; many family objections due to age, religion and general immaturity.  We lived in an upstairs-furnished apartment […]

The Life and Times of Stuff, Part One

I have many opinions about “stuff.”  First of all, I believe it to be the bane of our existence.  In fact, on a global level we are in danger of “stuffing” ourselves OUT of existence.  But I am closer to home. My days are consumed with stuff.  I am buying it, selling it, cleaning it, […]