Death and Tragedy

Death is a reality at our age. Not only are we facing it ourselves, but we lose friends and family regularly. Even though we are expecting it, it can be a shock, But I think of us as prepared. A niece has been close to death this week. Life supports were removed because of a […]

I Want You To Live

To You – the one I care about: I click a button and know how many of you, my readers, are thinking about suicide. I look at the numbers and am staggered by how many of you are feeling that life is hopeless. I sense your desperation and despondency. I care. And I’m not the […]

Wait – Think – Live

I wish I could show you…the astonishing light of your own being. Hafiz I am writing to you – my children and grandchildren – but also children and grandchildren everywhere. Life is fragile and ends quickly and often capriciously. Two people we know and love have died by suicide recently. One, a young man in […]

What I Want for Christmas

Another friend has lost her child. I am sharing some of what I feel of her pain so that you will, perhaps, read this and take a chance on life. Dear Suffering Person, You are my Christmas wish. I want you – alive and well and warm, holding your children or standing in the embrace […]

Please think…A Letter About Suicide

NOTE:  I am re-posting this due to inquiries regarding a suicide letter to leave for children.* Dear Suffering Person: If you are committing suicide it is humane to leave a letter to your children, but the letter will not alleviate their pain.  It may provide your family with more insight into your own pain and […]

…on Living with Suicide

My Dear Friends, As parents we want to believe that there is always something  we can do to help our children. If we could do… or if we could have done… This propensity for making ourselves responsible is a heavy burden on our best days. On this worst day I wish I could lift this […]

Paths to Memory

Memories are a part of the strange workings of the human mind. We have been preoccupied with death in the last months; when it visits over and over, it looms in importance.  Many of my concerns have been for my grandchildren and their exposure to so much loss in their young lives.  Life seems unusually […]


Dear Son, My heart is aching for you. I can feel your exhaustion as you struggle to make sense of your friend’s death.   I imagine your grief and confusion. For those of us who hold vigorously to life, it’s impossible to understand.  Why couldn’t he see his life clearly?  Why didn’t he work on his […]

A Prayer for this Season (and every season)

There are so many things that I can’t do for my children and grandchildren.  Much of the time I make myself believe otherwise.  Not always. The older brother of my grandson’s friend has taken his own life.  It is devastating. I understand that he had been depressed, but what was so catastrophic?  Was it a […]

Suicide…the Ultimate Sorrow

My children and grandchildren live outside of my ring of protection.  Much of the time I convince myself otherwise.  Not always. The brother of my grandson’s close friend has taken his own life.  It is devastating.  I understand that he had been depressed, but what was so catastrophic?  Was it a chemical thing?  Was life […]