Take my word for it. Hmm…

Advice is dicey, isn’t it? And it isn’t even just the words…it’s how it’s delivered and to whom it is given.  We’re not talking batting around ideas together.  We’re talking ADVICE! Let’s assume it’s a perfect world.  I have suddenly been blessed with 3D supersonic insight and know exactly what is needed. Scenario 1: My […]

Too Busy to Think

I have spent a lot of my years confining my gerbil mind to its cage.  I trained it to be businesslike, take care of details, watch out for others and make copious lists. It could run in circles, solve problems, dart and dash, but it couldn’t run free. That was normal for me. I’m not […]

Deep Thought Withdrawal

Okay, so I knew I was addicted. I have gone so far as limit myself to checking incoming online info to three times a day. (It was amazing how much time THAT freed up!) What an eye-opener! I didn’t know realize how different my life would be. This time, though, it isn’t a test and […]