Me and My Shadow

I’ve heard about the shadow in the last half of my life but I have only recently begun to do some work. I have known that looking through the lens of Enneagram Seven I see the bright side. But I didn’t realize how much I was blinded by the light. A man who is unconscious […]


Vulnerability has been a buzzword for awhile. The concept isn’t new. The struggle for intimacy has been the root of our relationship issues forever, hasn’t it?  And vulnerability is the key to intimacy. I can’t have close relationships if I don’t engage. Show up. Be myself. Risk being hurt. Open my heart. I’m in a […]

Being Who You Are

Periodically I read this letter and wonder who needs to hear encouraging words. This is a long one…but take only what YOU need. Dear Granddaughter, I have been thinking about who you are. You are smart; you are beautiful; you are kind and generous (btw, no one is 100% on this);  you are clever and […]

I’m All In

Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow. Brené Brown I spent many years in relationships while having one foot out of the door. Those were the times when I was saying I wanted to be a friend, a lover, a member of a group, and in […]