I know what you’re thinking…

Do you realize how old I know you think I am when you call me “Honey” or “Dearie”?  (Dearie is the worst, isn’t it?  It conjures up the mental image of an old woman with wispy white curls in a translucent halo over a pink scalp.  Or a man so old as to be androgynous, […]

Changing Back

I am my attitude. When I get judgmental or resentful or just plain pissy, I change into a fractured, ungrounded person.  Or is it the other way around? I’ve lived through this lots of times.  So why does it take me so long to connect my flopping about with stinking thoughts? Or to get myself […]

Thoughts on Solitude

Solitude has always been a prize for me to accumulate and treasure.  It’s like a mellow breeze or warm water on my toes…almost nothingness but creating a sensation of pleasure.  The thought of it brings joy. I’m learning that although I like to be alone, I’m used to snatching moments here and there.  I’m unaccustomed […]

Home is where…

Travel is stepping off of my real world into an abyss of the unknown.  Even when I am returning to a place I have visited before, it will have changed. (Well, two things are constant when I arrive in Mexico; 1) the friendly welcome from Raul and his family, and 2) the pink puffy plastic […]

Get thee behind me!

Without my realizing it, I have been developing a condescending attitude.  It began when I began to remark on the crabbiness of people. I first noticed it in New York as a friend and I were waiting to be admitted to television shows.  We thought this was great fun.  We were the next best to […]

View from the Other Side

I’m an okay person.  After all, I put myself out there most of the time.  I can’t always say I do my best, but I’m not a  slacker. And I am truly tenacious and inventive about ways to connect with people.  I like to think of myself as “out there”. So I am a bit […]

Writer’s Block

I will do anything not to write. Sudoku Lists for later Brain games Eat Check email Play Farmville Read 1930s romance novels Take long baths Well, I can’t do some things because I can’t get around all that well.  (Bad knee.) Since I can’t take a walk with my friends, cook a gourmet meal, work […]

Deep Thought Withdrawal

Okay, so I knew I was addicted. I have gone so far as limit myself to checking incoming online info to three times a day. (It was amazing how much time THAT freed up!) What an eye-opener! I didn’t know realize how different my life would be. This time, though, it isn’t a test and […]

Crying (or whining) at My Sister’s Wedding

Remember the song by Patti Page?  “I went to your wedding, although I was dreading, the thought of losing you…” My sister is getting married today.  Exciting, but interesting.  It shakes me up a bit.  We are the closest in age in our birth family and we have always had a strangely symbiotic relationship in […]

Cleanliness is next to… (more whining)

“Do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do.” Okay, okay! But, I HATE housework.  Well, maybe not “hate”, but it is low on my ”love” list.  I could be writing, working in my garden, reading, visiting with friends or family, doing sudoku, or any other thing. On the […]