Dear Son, My heart is aching for you. I can feel your exhaustion as you struggle to make sense of your friend’s death.   I imagine your grief and confusion. For those of us who hold vigorously to life, it’s impossible to understand.  Why couldn’t he see his life clearly?  Why didn’t he work on his […]

Suicide…the Ultimate Sorrow

My children and grandchildren live outside of my ring of protection.  Much of the time I convince myself otherwise.  Not always. The brother of my grandson’s close friend has taken his own life.  It is devastating.  I understand that he had been depressed, but what was so catastrophic?  Was it a chemical thing?  Was life […]

Pain by Pitiful People

Dear Daughter. You are never too old to need my protection.  If I can give it, I do.  And I know when I can’t. I can’t save you from the lady behind the car rental desk who is so miserable and small-minded that she automatically hates you for who you are.  Her selective deafness and tight lips […]