Women Paying it Forward

Last Sunday I went to a soulful gathering for my granddaughter. It was unusual because in our culture – lacking a Bat Mitzvah or a Quinceañera – there seems to be no tradition that formally launches a young woman. More importantly there is no occasion on which she is held in the circle of the […]


Originally posted on shift to happy:
I wonder if cancer survivors everywhere, like me, cringed when Lucy Danziger, the editor-in-chief of Self Magazine, issued an apology last week. I’m sure you’ve heard about what Self did, but if you haven’t, the story is this: A woman named Monika Allen, who was undergoing chemotherapy, ran a…

I bet she was beautiful when she was younger…

This is a familiar line that  I’ve probably said myself.  It’s a recognition of physical attributes that are somehow not translated to the present. And there are a ton of quotes about inner beauty.  Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty – they merely move it from their faces into […]

Distance to Comprehension

Distancing: to place or keep at a distance <able to distance themselves from the tragedy> (Miriam Webster) I approached San Quentin with my suitcase of preconceived ideas.  I had shored myself up for a trip through an alien land filled with people I wouldn’t recognize, couldn’t identify with, and who certainly would not have impact […]