Oh, the places you’ll go….*

Dear Son, That was a strange way for me to respond to your good news, wasn’t it?  I was being kind of silly and it didn’t come out well. Because it sounded as if I subscribe to the belief that who we are is defined by where we live.  And I don’t think I believe […]

My Garden – A Metaphor for My Life.

I am learning to comprehend the Buddhist admonition that we create our own suffering.  My garden teaches me.    Here’s the dilemma:  do I enjoy what I do or worry about what I can’t do? I had a mini-breakthrough last week when I realized that with a bit of work on my patios, I enjoy […]

The Kitchen Sink

Fanciful. Philosophical. Waxing poetic. All apply to my yesterday. I spend a lot of time at my kitchen window.  It’s above my sink and so gives me a look at the world outside as I do all of things that are normally done at a kitchen sink.  I have put a lot of time and […]

Economic Privilege

Dear Kids: I am sitting on the porch of my casa in Mexico.  I wake early and so I have poured my coffee and am doing sudoku with my favorite mechanical pencil. I was just admiring my pencil and thinking how much I love this particular style (I bought two extra to bring to Mexico); […]