A Generation Between

I wrote this many years ago…and it is still so true. Dear Children, It comes down to the difference between parenting and grandparenting. Without blaming myself as a parent, I understand the difficulties of parenting: showing love versus giving guidance; giving direction without giving orders; teaching values without imposing ideology. When you were born I […]

Writing is a Sometime Thing

I am not a professional writer. Although I will claim some expertise in expressing myself, some ease and familiarity with words and their patterns, and certainly a rudimentary knowledge of grammar and its rules, that doesn’t elevate me to the status of professional. I have been a professional in business. I have been a professional […]

Travel Connections

I have difficulty writing when I can’t reach the Internet. After all, is it really happening if I can’t post it? Is it real if I can’t share it? Did I really live it if I can’t communicate it? Social media makes traveling alone a pleasure (or certainly tolerable). Whatever I see or do, I […]

En la Playa

When I leave the country it is difficult to stay focused on my duties. After all, I have new duties…relaxing…trying to communicate in a foreign language…chatting with the villagers…deciding where to have my next meal…walking the beach… All this to say that I will perhaps be recycling some popular posts from the past for the […]

Why I Write

(This is posted as a page on my menu. When I read it this a.m. I wondered, does anyone look at the pages? Do you all know why I write? Well, I’m putting it out there again.) ***************** “This is not a letter but my arms around you for a brief moment.” Katherine Mansfield Writing […]

I just can’t help myself!

In reading blogs this a.m. (Hooray, I have internet), I pulled up Year-Struck. She is always a delight, and this morning was not different.  In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I am writing with the only real purpose being to guide you to her wonderful commentary on increasing blog traffic, If you want […]

Maybe…Maybe Not

I can make a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to responsibility.   It’s my job to take care of everything for everyone within my sphere, whether it’s needed or not.  It comes from a place of love.  And perfectionism.  And control. With this sort of attitude, it shouldn’t surprise you that I can […]

Round Trip Journey to My Dark Side

Who knew that my current purpose in life, writing, could lead me so far afield. I should recognize by now when I am off-center.  After all, I’ve gained another three pounds, taken 4 weeks to paint three rooms (not finished yet) and shopped for and returned at least 5 items to TJ Maxx.  Even a […]

Just Funnin’

Damn!  I want to be fun. Most of the blogs that I read are meaningful and the ones I love the most are amusing.  The bloggers concisely make their points with humor, packing a heavy punch with a light hand. Damn!  I want to be like that. Yet it seems that no matter what I […]

As soon as…

I spend a lot of time waiting for my life to be over.  Well, not exactly OVER. It’s just that after the party I’m going to begin meditating at least once a day .  I’m too busy until then. I’ll take a walk as soon as I meditate. I’ll do my yoga after my walk. […]