Suicide Information

Please keep reading to the bottom of this page for Help numbers and websites and for additional letters.

Dear Suffering Person:

If you are committing suicide it is humane to leave a letter to your children, but the letter will not alleviate their pain.  It may provide your family with more insight into your own pain and still it will show them that you are not willing to stay and help them through their own.

When you search my site for a template of how to tell your loved ones you are leaving, you won’t find it.*  What you will find are tracks of grief caused by suicide.  If you research my site and re-read my post of May 5 of this, you will see only pain and heartache.  Read it again and  comprehend that you are setting a precedent in your family and creating an acceptable way for your children to follow in your footsteps. In any bonded group, if one person commits suicide it makes it easier for another to do the same.

I can’t know your life.  I don’t feel your feelings.  But I have seen the aftermath.  As a child I couldn’t comprehend the leave-taking of my friend’s brother.  As a teenager I lived through the questions and chaos created by the suicide of a school mate.  My friend’s son, her brother, her nephew…my daughter’s schoolmate…my associate’s child…it is a bottomless pit of horror.  In just the last 10 months I am surrounded by the incomprehension and exquisite agony that is the heritage of the loved ones left behind by two more suicides.

I don’t have words to help you.  I can’t tell you what is right for you.  I pray for you in your despair.

And I ask you to think lovingly and mindfully of yourself and those in your caring circle. Please click on one of the links below to reach someone who is trained to help you.

Press here for letters about suicide on this blog.


Click below for information and/or phone numbers.

International Link

United States Link

Phone Number to Call

* My statistics provide me with a record of the search that leads readers to my blog.


  1. This past June rocked the foundation of my world with the first (and God willing, the only) suicide that has touched my life: my 21-year old son’s friend Nick, a delightful young man who came to our home weekly for years. I still sob sometimes when I think of him, and why he felt leaving was the only option. My blog has been affected by that event ever since, as I write about ways to hopefully help prevent such loneliness and emptiness. Thank you for sharing this important and touching TAB at the top of your lovely site. It matters to me, and to so many others. Bless your heart. xo Gina

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    • I think that suicide is the most difficult to deal with of all instances of death. I suppose death by any sort of violence…
      Blessings on you as you take the time to heal. I do believe that what we learn in our journey helps those with whom we come in contact. xxoo


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