This was a post in 2009 but I think it may be appropriate to reprint in these times. I don’t often use the word.  In fact, I have an aversion to the judgmental quality of it.  After all, when it comes to people, isn’t it arrogant to assume that they should perform to my expectations?  […]

Denial, Acceptance, Hope, Faith…What????

“…denial is not a refusal to see the truth, it is the inability to see the truth.” Unknown The big questions come up when my routine life is rattled by unexpected events: illness, death, and even great blessings. How did I get to this place? What did I do to arrive? What should I be […]

Giving Thanks Today

Thank you, dear friends, family and the Great Spirit.* Our last week has been a roller coaster. I have thought of much to write, written some, posted nothing. The first thing I will do is let you all know that we are grateful that our daughter is alive. Nine days ago she stepped off of […]

I Like Beginnings

NOTE: This is my letter on New Year’s Day, 2012. Time to start adding to it, don’t you think? Dear Family. I’m not feeling sentimental.  I have no wise words for you on this momentous occasion of a new year in our lives.  I’m only grateful. So I’m starting a list for the year.  This […]

Wishes for the New Year

Did we jump off the Fiscal Cliff as the old year ended? Did we throw our country into more turmoil? I don’t know. Although this is absolutely vital to many people, I’m weary of the political posturings. Beneath the partisanship and self-interest there must be some real concern for our citizens and denizens. It just […]

Don’t be like me…

Hi Kids. I’ve had a repeat “Aha” moment this week. When I listened to Christine Northrup on PBS a few years ago, she commented on the patterns we learn from our parents…specifically from our mothers.  Paraphrasing, she said that it is very difficult to change our patterns of aging from those our own mother has […]

Some Thoughts on Food…Guest Post

This is a post by one of my thoughtful blogger friends.  As my kids and grandkids know, this is a subject dear to my heart and I couldn’t have said it better myself.   Thanks, Grateful Dancer, for permission to re-post.  Look her up at My Oprah Lessons Nov30 by dointhegratefuldance   Rate This Letters to […]

On Accepting Myself

Dear Sister, I struggle with this concept and I think you do, too.   Accepting ourselves has never been easy for either of us. Oprah has been telling us for years that we are perfect the way we are.  And like all of the rest of us, I think she is still convincing herself.  And […]

On the Way to Being Myself

It’s comforting to know that I can do what I need to do when I need to do it.  I’m pleased that I can step up to the plate in the split second of necessity and perform with a modicum of grace. Especially when I have gone through a week of self-tortured internal brattiness.  Why, […]

Why am I so sad?

I am infinitely sad.  It is physical.  I hurt somewhere between my chest and my stomach where it is hollow. Silliness. My husband is only going home.  I’m staying here alone, but I’ve been here many times by myself and I enjoy it.  I know people, I know places, I have what I need. And […]