My Best Therapy

I walked along the beach from my daughters place to the enramada. ****** After five months of needing care, I wanted to take my annual sojourn to Mexico and regain some independence. After a stroke it is easy to feel as if you will be dependent forever. And it’s easy to be lazy. When everyone […]

International Travel – post stroke

My trip to Mexico was a wonderful dream. It is an annual trip and I began planning for it three weeks after my stroke. My ticket had been bought earlier and I was determined to visit my “familia” in Mexico and be near the seashore for the month of January. My daughters were committed to […]

And she’s off…

I will remember 2015 as a year of struggle. It held many wonderful experiences but also challenges and events that at times overwhelmed me with sorrow. Remembering all of the good things is a balm to my soul, but I am glad for my annual retreat. My little village in Mexico offers me healing and […]

A Pathway to Joy

One of my most rewarding friendships is with a woman who I seldom see. A phone call between us is rare. Once in awhile a Facebook “Like” or Post notifies the other that one of us is thinking of the other. Still, we are connected. I met her about eleven years ago on a trip […]

En la Playa

When I leave the country it is difficult to stay focused on my duties. After all, I have new duties…relaxing…trying to communicate in a foreign language…chatting with the villagers…deciding where to have my next meal…walking the beach… All this to say that I will perhaps be recycling some popular posts from the past for the […]


Reposted from 2/17/2011 because I had forgotten it until someone searched it out and read it.  NOTE: This is an extremely shallow treatment of a complex subject…just so you realize that I’m aware! My dentist and his assistant were talking about child rearing as they worked. I had been included in the conversation until it […]

Stuff Again. Big Stuff!

I always have trepidation when I leave my comfy life to survive on my own in a strange culture, using a foreign language. Why do I leave my home, my husband, my family and friends? It’s because of how I feel when I get there. What gives me such peace when I settle into my […]

Greater Riches

Dear Grandchildren. I want so much for you.  I know that you are all privileged in this world and that physically you want for nothing.  And yet, I still want for you. I want you all to travel.  Not to see the wonders of the world, or to check 1000 places off of your list […]

What I’ve Left Behind

My husband will probably never understand why I travel. And especially why I put myself in tenuous situations and call it a break. I want to give him a shout-out. I meant to do this as I was leaving…but… In case you’ve noticed my absence, I’m in Mexico where the internet is unreliable at best. […]

Our Lady

Today is the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  My homage to the virgen is appropriately lit in my house. She radiates light and love.  She sparkles.  She shimmers.  I can even set her lights to blinking mode.* Interesting.  I’m not a Catholic.  In fact, I’m pretty much a drop-out from any form of […]