God Knows I’m Praying

I’m so pumped.

After watching Rainn Wilson on Super Soul Sunday, I actually looked for a Baha’i group locally.  No luck in my area.

The concepts of openness to all religious, and blindness to color and race drew me.  Maybe I should investigate the gender factor, but… Oh, well.  I’ve never been one for the details nor do I have to take every bit from every religion. I take what I want and leave the rest to those who care.

I’m taking this one line and running with it…(paraphrased)

“Art is prayer.”

I am transported because it feels so right.  Again, I am translating this the way I want, I am categorizing my writing as art.  It can always take me away from my daily life.  Now I know it’s a prayerful attitude when I’m sending my good thoughts out into the world.  (Well, I’ll be careful on the curses because if God is really behind them, I don’t care to be flinging that power around.)

I’ll go even further.

When I am in my garden, that’s prayer.  When I am carried away by music (maybe even in the Chicago blues bars?), that’s prayer. And I’ll add dancing.  Do I have to be doing Sufi dancing to be spiritual when I’m dancing?

I’m feeling much more reverent just knowing that so many joyous times in my life are sending my prayers soaring.

Life Student

Reprinted from My  Life Class


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