Christmas…the Beginning of the End.

The post is an entry to a fun contest on a great blog, Things I Want to Tell my Mom.  Join it!  It’s interesting to dredge up old memories of Christmas.  Just keep it to 100 words or less.


Yearning defines my early memories of my mother and Christmas.  She loved the church traditions of a Holy Night.

And she wanted to buy presents.  She wanted to deck the halls.

I don’t think my parents divorced because Mom defied the son of a Jehovah’s witness and put up a tree.  It was just the beginning of her move toward independent thinking.  She was no longer subservient to the religious and cultural beliefs that defined our home life.

Mother never sated her desire for the sights, smells and sounds of Christmas.  She reveled in the celebration.



  1. Wonderful lesson in “The Beginning of the End.” Thank you for sharing this. It is now entered in the “Christmas Memory With Mom” contest.



  2. Beautiful.


  3. How lovely


  4. Talk to me...I'm your Mother says:

    Thanks for your comments. I treasure all of our memories. Love this contest.


  5. Thank you for sharing your story. Your mother’s courage is inspiring…it’s not easy to stand up for what we believe in! Marylin’s contest has provided many of us with a chance to connect and also to read these heartfelt memories. 🙂 And your lettters are such a great idea…when my kids were young, I always encouraged them to write me a “love letter” instead of buying me a gift. I’ll be following you…hope you will check out my blog also:


  6. Great post about your mother and her ideas around Christmas. She was a brave woman to go against a church! Bravo to her.


  7. Sounds like she found herself. How great. so few do…and if they do, don’t do anything about it. Sounds like you also have her spirit.


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