Quarantine – Day 11 – 13

Home isn’t a bad place to be.

Well, two days ago (testing day) we heard that there was another positive test. The rumor (good source) stated  that it is in the main office and that was someone with a private office. What does this mean to us? We haven’t heard.

Yesterday I called to see what happened to the former trickle of information. On hold i was treated to a blurb advertising the village. It spoke of COVID and their open and informed communication about it and the honesty with which they operate.

When I was connected to the head executive she told me that a memo had been sent out the day before. I let her know that none of us have received it. As she was giving me the runaround I asked her to listen to her own recording…

Yesterday afternoon we receive a memo containing the following:  “We continue to have residents testing positive for COVID.

I stewed about this last evening. early this morning,  and part of the day. I framed emails that were caustic and inflammatory – about transparency and being a septuagenarian  and and being treated like a child. Good sense prevailed and I sent the following email:

“Please send me by email an update each time that there are new cases and whether they are employees or residents. I would also like to know a total of each of the cases so far. I don’t think this should be too much of a burden since I believe you must report to the health apartment regularly.

Thank you”

Wasn’t that mature?




to cparker



  1. Lynda, I’m so glad you are there to speak out for the others who aren’t accustommed to using their voices that way. Do you know anything about how my friend, Eleanor, is? She hasn’t answered my emails, and she is in her 90s and a bit frail. I’m worried about her. Thanks.


  2. Sounds fair to me, but I’m confused. Can they enforce a quarantine on you because you’re a resident? Not that you want to leave the place (I’m assuming), but I’m just wondering since, as you say, it seems like they’re hiding things.


    • I think that they can only expect people to do what’s right. No one can force two buildings and 100 and some residents to do anything. They set a poor example, top employees wandering aroun unmasked. But they did report in last week after my request. !5 employees/ 2 residents. Sounds like the residents are doing the best job.

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