Round Trip Journey to My Dark Side

Who knew that my current purpose in life, writing, could lead me so far afield. I should recognize by now when I am off-center.  After all, I’ve gained another three pounds, taken 4 weeks to paint three rooms (not finished yet) and shopped for and returned at least 5 items to TJ Maxx.  Even a […]

Greatness, or Not.

Comparing myself to others is always treacherous.  When I’m head-to-head with Oprah, it’s a killer. I watched her yesterday on Facebook Live,  and was struck again by her certainty.  She knows her purpose.  She knows her place in life.  And she seems to fulfill her stated purpose with each word that she speaks. I am […]

Reflections on Control

Gavin de Becker, author of The Gift of Fear sent my head spinning when he appeared on the Oprah Show. He said that if someone doesn’t listen the first time you say “no”, they are trying to control you. Whoa! Why have I never thought of that?  As Oprah added, this applies to everyone from […]

My Day is Here

I use Annie Dillard’s quote often: “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”   My birthday was a reminder that the days are slipping into years. Even as I bemoaned not living congruently with my life’s priority list…I knew instantly and with conviction that change was my prerogative.  So I […]