And then I said…

I love quotations.  …Other people’s words, that is.  A few years ago I had one of those daily quote tear-off calendars.  Each page was a tiny tidbit of insight, knowledge or spin.  When these sheets  pop up in stacks of paper  I can’t bear to throw them away.  I want to thrill again to the emotions or dreams inspired three years ago on January 10th.

How do writers, poets, statesmen, etc. encapsulate thoughts and ideas in so few words? I hope I’m not missing something about quotations.  Are they really only well-packaged clichés?

I believe in them.  I want to be quotable when I grow up.  I want to think in pungent word bytes redolent with wisdom.  I’ll say them in public or in writing and then, perhaps, someone will look me up on Google because they are so captivated by my quotable quote that they find me intriguing even though they’ve never heard of me.

Or do I need to become famous first?  It could be that my wonderful thoughts would not rise to the top unless I was noted for some other great deed.  Ah well, then my aspiration must change.

I want to do great things!  (And after that, be quotable.)


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