9 Wonderful Gifts

To my darling Grandchildren:

Grampy and I have had great fun on our trip thinking and talking about you.  Each and every one of you is the light of our life.  On the darkest night we have nine wonderful candles lit to bring us warmth and joy.

We are especially proud of you at Christmas time.

It is six years since you have gotten a “real” Christmas present from us.  Some of you aren’t old enough to remember having given us your wish that we would try to grant.  Now, of course, you are granting wishes for others as your gift to us.

We have seen you present your gift for food at the Gospel Mission.  You have personally gone to the grocery store to buy food for those who need it in your town.  You have purchased toys for the “store” at Good Will so that some parents are able to provide a gift.  You have searched for a way to give water to children and you have made sure that women have had care when they are abused or misused.  Many of you are now in the business of micro-lending your gifts through Kiva.org. It’s a great way to keep on lending and making a difference around the world.

The wonderful thing is not where you give; it is that you have learned to give and that you each think carefully and fully about where you can do the most good.  You each show a passion for your giving.  What a change it makes in your own lives.  You have already learned that you have enough and are willing to share it.  Bravo!

But who you are isn’t just what you give.  Who you are is a gift to yourselves and to all us who love you. We want nothing more.

From the oldest to the youngest you delight and amaze us.  Look at each other and appreciate each individual.  A spirit of excellence unites even those of you who are not joined by blood. You each have curious and discerning mind and a physical beauty and grace that are more than “skin deep”.  You are gifted mentally, athletically, musically and more.  You are a cohort of cousins  of whom to be proud.   Be happy with  yourselves and each other.  You can bet that Grampy and Grammy are proud of each of you and happy with every one of you.

You are capable of anything.  Whatever choices you make, we know you are learning and growing.  You will change the world we live in, and it will be better for that change.

We want each of you to hold on to your true self as you grow.  Remember who you are and what you can do.  Those of you who are stepping into adulthood: remain as you are, each of you a person who is capable of seeing your own way clearly, and who is willing to do what it takes to follow that path.

You are great and wonderful gifts to us.  No matter where we are, we will always be loving you.


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