Leaving Home, Going Home

I make attachments easily. This is why I continue to order my favorite dishes at my favorite restaurants and why  I  pull one of  the same three outfits out of my closet according to where I am going. It is why I return to the same places and people  in the world, again and again.

Although I am attached to my home and my husband. Gemini  is calling me away.  I’m going…and of course, to a place I have been before, Scalea, Italy.

My home this year will be in a different neighborhood of this small town so I will need to make it a point to visit my old friends. Ah, the ladies on the Scalea, Italhyupper piazza and my friends on Bench in Scale, Italypedonale.  I remember them so well and with such affection.  Will they remember me?

I’m very attached to Teresita.  She will receive special attention because she charged me with a responsibility.

I loved her because  she was so familiar.  She sat outside her house, surrounded by her potted plants like my Dad’s wife used to do.   Someone always filled the bucket of water next to Teresita.  She would us a small pan or a cup and give her thirsty plants a drink.

Sometimes she greeted me with a wide smile.  And sometimes she held her forehead and wailed with pain.

I made my way through the language barrier enough to learn of her sorrow.  She had lost her son. Her home was a museum of a life that was over for her.  She wanted to die.

Sitting by her plants every day was her one outlet.

Two years ago I visited her the night before I left for home.  She handed me a small circle of prayer beads.  “Pray for me”, she said.  I promised.Prayer beads

I kept her prayer beads by my bathroom mirror and I kept my promise.  I have prayed for Teresita.

I’m going to return her beads.  I am hoping that time has filled the huge hole in her life with some small pleasures. that people still sit with her and fill her water bucket.


*If I’m not on this blog, I’ll be writing about  my travels as a Wandering Woman here.



  1. It’ so lovely you don’t forget your friends, even if they’re far away and you don’t see them too often. I believe that real friendship maintains in good and bad times. You seem to think the same way, and I like that a lot.


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