The Thrill of it All

The corners of my mouth are involuntarily turned up in a smile.  Excitement is bubbling up in my chest and my steps are light this morning.

You called to talk.  You called, you said, just because you could.

I know.  This is a weird reaction.  I’m not a poor pitiful mother.  I’m not ignored.  And I know that I’m free and welcome to call you on a whim.

It’s just different, somehow.  Most of the time we call for a specific reason.

There’s this wonderful glow of love and contentment that comes when any of my children or grandchildren call me.  It brightens my day.  It is like getting a beautiful gift wrapped in shiny paper with a perfectly tied bow.

You’ll get the same feeling when your kids are older and have lives of their own.  Like when your college kid calls just to chat.  Or when your teenagers flop into a chair and talk about nothing, or anything.

It’s a phenomenon that occurs when the people in our lives don’t need us, but want to talk to us.

It is joy.


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