Lifelong Learning

I’m learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.  Eartha Kitt

My family recognizes my sometimes irritating evangelism when I learn something new. I absolutely MUST share the knowledge. Wouldn’t it be miserly to know something wonderful and not share it?

And so in the past months all within my broadcast area have heard about, the website on which universities offer free online learning. They are also privy to my excitement about a course I am taking at my local university through the lifelong learning program for seniors.


I won’t bore with the details now (you can be sure that you will get them in bits and pieces eventually). For the moment I just want to register the high that comes with learning something new. Try it, you’ll like it.

In my younger years I was unaware of my great joy in learning.   But I recognized in my working years that when I felt burned out, washed up, apathetic or just plain stymied, I could rejuvenate myself by attending some sort of class or workshop. A stellar student, I definitely was not and am not; I’m a quick study but I don’t retain the detail. But every single new bit that  I discover expands my personal universe. Just knowing that a body of knowledge exists is exciting. Some subjects (usually having to do with personal growth) spur me to learn more. And any topic which delves into the human experience is fascinating in its own right.

For awhile I had trouble keeping up with my new regimen, but once my daughter informed me that I could download lectures to most Coursera classes, I was on the road.  Listening to psychology and philosophy professors on my daily walks is much more palatable than sitting in class at my computer. And all for the investment of the time it takes to enroll. No ITunes required here folks. And class credit? Who needs it.

I’m learning for the pure joy of it. Inundating my family and friends with new found information for life is an bonus.



  1. Till I retired, I was regularly being sent for all kinds of training programs by my employer and the learning process never stopped. It also eventually came to me being a member of the faculty to teach other managers and visiting faculty in business schools. That development meant that I had to do a lot of learning to handle very bright young minds and what I picked up as a habit to learn about business, economics, psychology etc, continues till date though in a very superficial way. I don’t teach any more, and I do not have a captive audience either 🙂 .

    What however has got me really excited is the learning of Vedanta from an excellent teacher who taught the basics and told my class that henceforth the effort has to be at the individual level and that is what occupies quite a bit of my time.

    I somehow do not feel comfortable being evangelical about anything that I learn and tend to keep my interest to myself.


    • My audience has flown the coop, also. I can usually find someone who shares an interest. As I study and learn in solitary I recognize my need to process aloud sometimes. That is a part of my personality and of my decision-making style.

      Well, whether we spread our precious learning or inculcate it into our own lives, it is a pleasure, isn’t it?


  2. Love this!!!!! 😀 I’m totally the same. My brain wants input and I feel dead when I don’t learn new things. This is why I enjoy research, but I also read a lot of things not directly related to my academic focus.


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