Dear Mr. New President

I have good wishes and prayers for you. I hope that you can open your heart and mind to lead this country – this entire country – with grace and humility as well as with strength and wisdom. We are a country who needs change and transformation.

I don’t know how, but I hope that you can do it.

There are some things I would like you to remember. Just my opinion, of course, but these are some of the important things to me.

Remember your own privilege. Recognize that you are coming from a place of wealth and power and understand those who do not share your fortunate birth. Listen to the wisdom of advisors to know the people of this country and their daily lives. Don’t surround yourself with only those who share your power. Look and listen beyond.

Remember that we are a nation of great diversity. We have billed ourselves in this way for centuries and but have never had true respect for the differences among us. Your recent campaign has unveiled the sea of bigotry and hatred stemming from a tide fear in this country. I hope that you see this picture clearly and can look deeply into the problems. It will be your job to face your constituents and know that their issues are your issues. And that they all have wants and needs and rights. All of our rights are yours to protect.

Remember that we are part of a greater world. What harms others harms us. It is the responsibility of human beings, not just our nation, to see beyond our own small circle and encompass the needs of greater humanity. We don’t need walls and barriers. We need understanding and compassion.

Remember that this earth needs our protection, too. We can’t continue on our present path without consequences. Ignoring our destructive actions as individuals, as a nation, and as a member of the global community will set us back. Be a leader in creating and maintaining education, controls, and restoration of our planet.

Remember that education is the greatest weapon against poverty, hunger, drugs, violence, bigotry, discrimination, and dissatisfaction. Sadly, education in our country is still geared for the elite. It will take courage and time to reallocate money from war, waste, and corruption to place it into education for all young people in our country. The rewards will change the face of the nation.

Remember that health care should be a right, not a privilege. If you try, you can build on the platform provided and make it better.

Remember your promises. Apologize for those that you realize were misguided or misspoken. Stand by those that are important to the welfare of our citizens.

The presidency of the United States is an awesome responsibility. I hope that by now you have considered the profound effect you will have on our future. I stand strongly against many of your present policies, and, still I wish for your success in the most spiritual and creative sense. I believe that your presidency will create change. I pray that the change will be begin with the positive rather than a result of great travail.






  1. I am not qualified to comment not being an American citizen but I can relate to your wish list which is more or less universal in its appeal. The whole will be watching the new POTUS after the bitter election. I will be among the more avid ones.


    • Yes, so much hatred… I am in Mexico but impressed that in this small village there were about 25 women marching. I was otherwise engaged but am staggered by the national and international outpouring by women. In a perfect world, and in my mind, it would be marching for – not marching against. Either way, there is certainly a response, isn’t there?


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