Happy New Year

It wasn’t so long ago that I took a happy new year’s greeting at face value. Of course, the new year would be happy. The worldfFelt totally within my control and I expected good things.

Well, I still expect good things. But it has come quite emphatically to my attention in the past year that the losses are many and the gains can be painstaking and minimal. Death has tightened the circles of family and friends – making them smaller each year. Where are no longer surprised by the tightening band of our age group.* but each death leaves a gap and the wisdom and experience of each group. Each life brought Joy and it’s on particular way.

The death of the younger generations makes a break in the family circle and all of the elders must stretch their arms in love to c0mplete. Stories must continue to be told. History is all of the life stories that are passed down and not forgotten.

And, my stroke has made a dent in my feelings of independence and my lifelong sureness that I can do anything. The opportunities are not quite as endless as they were at the beginning of last year. My husband’s health issues continue to plague him, also.

But still I am an optimist. Then new year still holds chances for wondrous experiences. Our children and grandchildren are each one making our lives and the entire world a better place. They are learning and teaching us. We are learning and teaching them. Our support system is strongly woven with caring friends and loving family. And we are part of that support, too.

I look out at the gray sky and the bare branches of the trees and I can imagine spring. I will learn better how to physically navigate through the world with less help. Every day brings moment of joy.  Life is good.

And a Happy New Year to you.


* “get the call or be the call”, it Is the jocular phrase bandied about in lighter moments.


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