Christmas Changes

Christmas changes every year. Some are barely recognizable as Christmas past.

Somewhere along the way we became more interested in giving than getting. We are more captivated by the needs of strangers and less interested what our children and grandchildren might want – they don’t really need anything. And through the stories that filter back this is true of some of our family and most of our friends. For instance, last night my daughter  went to an ATM and spontaneously replaced the money that had been stolen from a donation jar at a holiday fundraising for a high school band. She didn’t know if anyone from the school, just witnessed the disappointment of the young people.

Most of my grandchildren selected a favorite charity and collaborated with me (I provide the funds) in making a life better somewhere. I continued to be gratified by their thoughtfulness in giving.*

I won’t know where to begin to describe our Christmas if anyone should ask. We made a flying trip halfway up the state on Saturday. The main purpose wasn’t to see half of our children and their families, although we did that. We shared hugs and kisses and meals but missed the Christmas Eve celebrations as we drove home. Our main goal was to see our granddaughter her comedy act on Saturday night. What a joy!

Christmas day continued our new tradition as we served again at a local homeless shelter. It was slightly different this year, my physical limitations only allowed me serve dessert from a stationary spot as I watched my family buzz around the tables with plates of food. It was a nice change, though, allowing me to visit with people as they stood in line for the gifts of warm clothing and toys for their children.

My son and his family living in Colorado called this morning before heading out to cross-country ski. I texted a Christmas message to my sisters.  And we are joining our local daughter and her family for an Indian dinner later. My husband’s parents, the traditionalists, would shake their heads in disbelief.

Happy Holidays to all.


*Where it all started



  1. We don’t celebrate at home but my daughter in law insists on stringing up lights to join our Christian neighbour doing the same. I did not give anything nor receive anything, I am glad that you had a good time as did I.


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