Happy Birthday, Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter, I remember your birth with great joy. I suppose those first steps in motherhood were halting, but I didn’t realize my own youth and ignorance. I lived in the euphoria of first love. Closing my eyes I can almost smell the softness of your baby skin. I can feel the wisps of hair […]

Pardon me, have I mistaken you for…?

I like to wrap things up neatly in a box. That’s just one way in which I exhibit my tendencies to control. There you go.  Ship shape. Tied in a bow and handled. On the flipside, I like to see myself as thinking outside the box.  Hmm…maybe. It’s when people jump out from where I […]

Precious Times

I love my children and I treasure one-on-one moments with them. When I have any one of my children alone, it is a gift.  It should be easier to accomplish, I suppose, but life takes over and time slips away.  And would I give up having family times and grandchildren gatherings?  No. And yet, the […]