Precious Times

I love my children and I treasure one-on-one moments with them.

When I have any one of my children alone, it is a gift.  It should be easier to accomplish, I suppose, but life takes over and time slips away.  And would I give up having family times and grandchildren gatherings?  No.

And yet, the precious moments are just that…precious.

Even in my dreams.  About a month ago I had such a vivid dream of my older son that when I wakened, I was mentally looking around for him.  I can’t say it was the same as a visit…but it sparked a telephone call and fed my soul a bit.

My younger son visited a few weeks ago, too (in the flesh).  He lives several states away and added days to his high school reunion trip to spend time with us.  I still get a warm glow imagining that he might emerge from the guest bedroom with a morning smile on his face.  As a child he was the one who would wake me early, poking my shoulder, “I want my breakfast.” His stomach was my alarm clock.

Two weeks ago I snagged a wonderful lunch  with my younger daughter.  I’ve lived in the glow of that time together for several days.  I’m still cogitating her wise advice which sparked food for thought.

And in the past week I have twice visited my older daughter.  An hour here, a walk there.  A word from the wise to the listening mother…over and over. Precious.

It’s up to me to make these times happen. There is a cycle of life and right now my children are in the midst of busy lives. Wow, I just had a flash memory. I was close to the age my kids are now and selling real estate.  My Dad would call on tour days and ask to ride around with me. At the time I thought it was a bit strange and now I realize he wanted to be with me.

Where’s my phone?



  1. Since my father died, my son and I have been living in this house for the first time ever as the only two residents. Earlier he had had the privilege of being with his mother whenever I was away but only now with me alone in the house. Somehow it has brought the two of us much closer than ever before and we are doing things together as a pair that we had never done before. We had lunch out together, dinner out together and earlier today went shopping together. I am enjoying all these bonding as it is a new experience altogether.


  2. When you are young and busy, you think your days will never end. When you are older, you know they will. Even in the midst of my own busyness, I take every opportunity I can to be with my children and grandchild.


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