Measuring Up

I love a purpose. I want to feel as if what I do makes a difference. That said…sometimes it’s difficult not to be intimidated by the accomplishments of others. I forget that smiling at someone on the street may be the most important thing I do in a day. Or fixing a healthy meal for […]

Along the Way

“Instead of hoping that others recognize their ongoing value, elders in my tradition honor their own potency, sacredness, rights and responsibilities.” Connie Buffalo, Member of the Chippewa Tribe When I was notified of the Wisdom Summit with its great treasury of information being offered by minds and hearts – some of whose ideas I admire […]

For what? For whom?

I have had the same questions for most of my conscious life. What is my purpose? What is my calling? How can I make a difference in the world? Divining my true purpose has always been a struggle.  But some decisions curtail other decisions.  E.g. a decision to have children, at the very least, delays […]

Round Trip Journey to My Dark Side

Who knew that my current purpose in life, writing, could lead me so far afield. I should recognize by now when I am off-center.  After all, I’ve gained another three pounds, taken 4 weeks to paint three rooms (not finished yet) and shopped for and returned at least 5 items to TJ Maxx.  Even a […]

Greatness, or Not.

Comparing myself to others is always treacherous.  When I’m head-to-head with Oprah, it’s a killer. I watched her yesterday on Facebook Live,  and was struck again by her certainty.  She knows her purpose.  She knows her place in life.  And she seems to fulfill her stated purpose with each word that she speaks. I am […]

Owning Up

I was having lunch with a friend a few days ago.  She was wearing her name tag. Who knows why I commented…maybe because when someone affixes one to my lapel, I tend to forget it and wear it until I get to my grandson’s ball game.  (My daughter will always look at me and ask […]

Time’s a Wasting…

I’m hung up on this issue of procrastination. When I count the minutes I truly waste in a day, I drown in self-recrimination. All those minutes would add up to months and years of lost time.  (And I don’t use the term “waste” lightly.  I don’t count gazing at my garden and listening to the […]

As soon as…

I spend a lot of time waiting for my life to be over.  Well, not exactly OVER. It’s just that after the party I’m going to begin meditating at least once a day .  I’m too busy until then. I’ll take a walk as soon as I meditate. I’ll do my yoga after my walk. […]

My Heart and You

Sometimes I want to wrap you up and hold you safe in my heart. Because when you make mistakes, you seem to see those mistakes as defining you. Because I look at you and see an amazing woman, and you talk about yourself as if you aren’t enough. Because you deserve the best that life […]

Looking at You to See Myself

Gary Zukav’s discussion of collectives in Mind of the Soul is fascinating to me. The idea of collectives makes so much sense.  As humans we group ourselves by the characteristics that are important to us.  We may cling to our own race, our own intellectual, educational, economic or social level.  It may be our neighborhood, […]