Quarantine – Day 4

You’re kidding me right? Haven’t we been in quarantine for at least a week? It’s not like the days go so slowly, but I am not marking off the calendar very fast. But, today I had a plan.

We changed quarantine quarters today and went to our old house. Our city has put a ban on all short-term rentals because of the housing shortage. I agree with the decision, however, It put a kink in our plans. Our children intended to prepare the house for their visits and rent it as an Airbnb for the remainder of the time. That should’ve handled all expenses and been a win-win for all – except it burned out houseless people.* 🥴

Anyway,  now the house needs to go on the market. Eventually someone is going to have to sort and make decisions on the stuff we left there, and I think we are it!

We went over and started the upstairs bathroom today. We figured there would three piles: trash, giveaway, estate sale. The rest we would cart over to the new place and keep it for at least a week before returning it to one of the three piles.

In one good hour of working and decision-making we were both worn out. We didn’t even get all of the piles downstairs. Oh well. We have 10 more days.

Time to take the back roads home and enjoy the scenery on this sunny day.


*the Alameda fires took 2300+ homes in our area. We as a community are still struggling to house the unhoused.


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