It is 2015! (Revisited)

IMG_0782Waking up to a New Year is exciting…

I can’t remember a first day of a January that did not seem bright with promise.

I’m not big on resolutions so I’m not looking to become a new person. But still, the slate looks clean. Anything seems possible. No ill will or troublesome baggage can make it past the annual change to a brand new calendar.

What is in the running for such a special feeling of renewal?

1. A new notebook or tablet (the old-fashioned paper kind).

2. When I was a child, the first day of school wearing fall clothing and carrying school supplies.

3. Also, when I was young, dressing in my new clothes on Easter morning. New patent-leather shoes made it even more exciting.

4. Moving into a new house/apartment and leaving the unpacking behind to sleep in a newly made bed in an uncluttered bedroom.

5. In the spring, pussy willows sprouting their furry little buds.

There’s really no contest. The winner is…

A Happy New Year!


January 1, 2015


  1. My best wishes for you for twenty fifteen. May what you want most be the least that you will get.

    You will see from my new year post that my new year has started off in a completely unfamiliar way for me. Despite being gifted with a swanky new mobile phone as a new year gift from POW, the other developments are yet to be digested though I am told that they will be soon enough. My one immediate goal is to get rid of one particular physical problem which on in-depth investigation has revealed underlying problems. Nothing life threatening, but for someone who never took even an aspirin except when is severe pain, the new regime is a bit disconcerting.

    I am waiting for the cold wave to pass so that I can sit more in the open. The Met tells me that it will happen in the next few days.


    • And I certainly wish the best for you. I feel vested in the outcome of your (and other of my virtual friends) life. Sometimes I think we pay more attention to each other than the people here on the ground. It’s not true, I know…but perhaps the contact is more frequent in some cases. I can only hope for the best results from the medications and for a joyous New Year for you and yours.


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